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The information for this page was taken directly from Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions: A Guide to Reporting Resource Development Progress and Results to the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA, November 2010)

The Geothermal Energy Association’s (GEA) Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions are a guideline for geothermal developers to use when submitting geothermal resource development information to GEA for public dissemination in its annual US Geothermal Power Production and Development Update. GEA’s Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions serve to increase the consistency, accuracy, and reliability of industry information presented in the development updates. These updates are a valuable source of information regarding geothermal industry growth, financing, and public policy.

The decision to develop a more thorough and codified resource development reporting guide was precipitated by the emergence of industry reporting codes, as well as the realization that a guide will enhance reporting quality. Through meetings with GEA board level members GEA concluded that it would not develop a geothermal code for publicly reporting exploration and development results in the United States, but that a more thorough and vetted reporting guide was needed. In May 2010, GEA formed and began consulting with a committee of industry experts, as well as its own Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee, and began the process of drafting and adopting a set of Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions. GEA continuously engaged both of the aforementioned committees and, over the course of four months, produced the Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions as found in this document.

The Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions are provided to geothermal industry companies and organizations as a guide to reporting development results to GEA. The Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions are not a geothermal public reporting code. The information provided by developers to GEA through the Geothermal Reporting Terms and Definitions is submitted on a voluntary basis to GEA and is not independently verified. GEA believes that the adoption of this reporting system will improve the reporting accuracy of geothermal project development, adding value to GEA’s industry reports.

In reporting geothermal projects in development to the GEA, they ask that organizations indicate at what stage of development each separate geothermal project falls under. Stages of development have been divided into four different phases labeled Phase I, II, III, and IV. Each project must meet certain criteria to be considered and reported by the GEA as being in a respective phase of development.

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