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Welcome to OpenEI and the world of open energy information, data and resources.

The information you'll find on OpenEI is community driven, it is a collection of content and data provided by contributors ranging from experts to enthusiasts. The platform is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia’s Wiki, with which many people are already familiar. OpenEI users can view, edit, add data – and download data for free. There are currently more than 227,961 pages on OpenEI, those pages contain a wide variety of topics: from renewable energy, to policy & regulations, to analyzed data and raw data.

If you're not sure where to begin your information expedition, we recommend you start by exploring some of these featured content categories, or join our user community and get involved.

Renewable Electricity

Explore renewable energy resources and technologies used for electricity generation. Geothermal, solar, water and wind energy resources are among the most abundant of renewable resource types. These links are your gateway to learning more about these resources and their related technologies.

Incentives, Policy, Programs & Regulation

Learn more about regulatory and permitting information, incentives and policies for using renewable energy or explore programs that promote and support sustainability and renewables.


OpenEI contains a wide variety of data. Use the Datasets repository to search for open data, or use one of the featured apps to research more specific data types. OpenEI encourages community collaboration and we invite our users to submit contributions to the Datasets repository.

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International Information

OpenEI is a platform that assists various international organizations and programs with hosting and serving information to the public. Here are some notable efforts. OpenEI has a variety of partners and sponsors that help to enhance data and content offerings.

Integration & Productivity

Discover how open energy information is being used to promote research and development advancements in infrastructure and across different services and sectors.