Global Transportation Roadmap Model

From Open Energy Information

The Roadmap model is an Excel-based tool designed to help policy makers see trends, assess emissions and energy-efficiency implications of different policy options, and conceptualize strategies to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. Users can define and test policy scenarios, and view and adjust underlying data and assumptions.

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This tool is included in the Transportation Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.

When to Use This Tool

While building a low emission strategy for your country's transportation system, this tool is most useful during these key phases of the process:

Learn more about the key actions you need to take to build a successful LEDS.

How to Use This Tool

This tool is most helpful when using these strategies:

  • Avoid - Cut the need for travel
  • Shift - Change to low-carbon modes
  • Improve - Enhance infrastructure & policies

Learn more about the avoid, shift, improve framework for limiting air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.