Georgia System Operations Corporation Inc. Smart Grid Project

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Georgia System Operations Corporation, located in Tucker, Georgia, will receive $6.5 million in funding to develop a smarter, more efficient energy grid. The U.S. Department of Energy chose Georgia System Operations as one of 100 companies nationwide to receive federal stimulus grants as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.[2]

The Georgia System Operations Corporation’s (GSOC) Energy Management Infrastructure project involves upgrades to the transmission operations communications and control system, along with new analysis tools for grid operators. GSOC is upgrading the software and hardware platform for their energy control system, which is used to manage the operation of their transmission system and the dispatch of generation resources. Advanced analysis software is also being implemented for improved monitoring, planning, and electricity cost analysis. GSOC expects enhanced transmission planning to reduce the need for ancillary services. GSOC also expects greater accuracy in allocating costs for transmission services. Reductions in generation costs are expected as a result of more efficient dispatch of resources.[3]


  • Transmission Systems Communication Equipment

Targeted Benefits

  • Improved Electric Service Reliability and Power Quality
  • Optimized Generator Operation
  • Reduced Ancillary Service Cost
  • Reduced Electricity Costs for Customers
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Pollutant Emissions
  • Reduced Wide-Scale Blackouts


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