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GeoRePORT Progress

Interested in getting involved in the development of this GeoRePORT System? See a list of past presentations, find upcoming activities, or review and comment on project documents.
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ABOUT THE PROJECT: Goals, Objectives, & Motivations

This methodology was designed as a means for the U.D. DOE Geothermal Technology Office to compare funding opportunities and measure the research progress of funded projects, however benefits are identified for both the industry and investors. Read More ...

HOW TO: Applying the Methodology

The GeoRePORT System was designed to evaluate the quality and extent of research on the physical characteristics of the geothermal resource and the certainty of this knowledge. The GeoRePORT Protocol documents provide a step-by-step process for applying this methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Other Classification Systems

Learn more about alternative ways to classify geothermal (and other economic resource) systems, from play type to economic viability. Read More …

Related References

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