General Biomass Company

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General Biomass Company is a biotechnology startup based in Evanston, Illinois founded to develop and commercialize biomass technologies. The United States economy is currently dependent on imports of large quantities of foreign oil, a fossil fuel which causes greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming. A large fraction of that oil demand can be replaced with biofuels made from cellulosic biomass, reducing our oil trade deficit and cutting emissions of CO2 in the transportation sector.[2][3]

The production of large quantities of cellulase enzymes is a critical technology for producing sugars from biomass, sugars which can then be fermented into biofuels and chemical feedstocks which substitute for oil. The General Biomass process combines superior cellulase enzyme genes with a cellular production system which has the potential for specific, selective, and large scale expression of genes with industrial utility, such as cellulase enzymes from extremophiles, microorganisms which live at high temperatures. Industrial production of these enzymes is central to expanding U.S. biofuels and reducing our dependence on imported oil.[4]


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