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Reference: GTP ARRA Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet of ARRA projects provided by DOE on 3/24/2011 listing ARRA projects and exploration techniques used for each project.

GTP, 2011/01/01

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Activities (243)

Areas (26)
  1. Black Warrior Area

  2. Flint Geothermal Area

  3. Fort Bliss Area

  4. Gabbs Valley Area

  5. Mcgee Mountain Area

  6. Pilgrim Hot Springs Area

  7. Silver Peak Area

  8. The Needles Area

  9. Crump's Hot Springs Geothermal Area

  10. Glass Buttes Area

  11. Maui Area

  12. Alum Geothermal Area

  13. Colado Geothermal Area

  14. Fish Lake Valley Area

  15. Jemez Pueblo Area

  16. McCoy Geothermal Area

  17. McGee Mountain Area

  18. New River Area

  19. Rye Patch Area

  20. Snake River Plain Geothermal Region

  21. Soda Lake Area

  22. Wister Area

  23. Mccoy Geothermal Area

  24. San Emidio Desert Area

  25. Hot Pot Area

  26. Newberry Caldera Area
Regions (0)