Alum Geothermal Area

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Area Overview

Geothermal Area Profile

Location: California

Exploration Region: Walker-Lane Transition Zone

GEA Development Phase: None
"None" is not in the list of possible values (Phase I - Resource Procurement and Identification, Phase II - Resource Exploration and Confirmation, Phase III - Permitting and Initial Development, Phase IV - Resource Production and Power Plant Construction) for this property.

Coordinates: 37.1772°, -118.0011°

Resource Estimate

Mean Reservoir Temp:

Estimated Reservoir Volume:

Mean Capacity:

USGS Mean Reservoir Temp:

USGS Estimated Reservoir Volume:

USGS Mean Capacity:

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History and Infrastructure

Operating Power Plants: 0

No geothermal plants listed.

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Developing Power Projects: 1

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Power Production Profile

Gross Production Capacity:

Net Production Capacity:

Owners  :

Power Purchasers :

Other Uses:

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Regulatory and Environmental Issues

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Exploration History

First Discovery Well

Completion Date:

Well Name:



Initial Flow Rate:

Flow Test Comment:

Initial Temperature:

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Well Field Description

Well Field Information

Development Area:

Number of Production Wells:

Number of Injection Wells:

Number of Replacement Wells:

Average Temperature of Geofluid:

Sanyal Classification (Wellhead):

Reservoir Temp (Geothermometry):

Reservoir Temp (Measured):

Sanyal Classification (Reservoir):

Depth to Top of Reservoir:

Depth to Bottom of Reservoir:

Average Depth to Reservoir:

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Geology of the Area

Geologic Setting

Tectonic Setting:

Controlling Structure:

Topographic Features:

Brophy Model:

Moeck-Beardsmore Play Type:

Geologic Features

Modern Geothermal Features:

Relict Geothermal Features:

Volcanic Age:

Host Rock Age:

Host Rock Lithology:

Cap Rock Age:

Cap Rock Lithology:

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Geofluid Geochemistry


Salinity (low):

Salinity (high):

Salinity (average):

Brine Constituents:

Water Resistivity:

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NEPA-Related Analyses (2)

Below is a list of NEPA-related analyses that have been conducted in the area - and logged on OpenEI. To add an additional NEPA-related analysis, see the NEPA Database.


Document #Analysis
DOI-BLM-NV-B020-2009-0030-CXCXSierra Geothermal Power11 December 200815 January 2009Bureau of Land ManagementGeothermal/Exploration
DOI-BLM-NV-B020-2010-0106-CXCXSierra Geothermal Power15 December 200915 June 2010Bureau of Land ManagementGeothermal/ExplorationHyperspectral Imaging
Magnetic Techniques
Slim Holes
Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetics

Exploration Activities (22)

Below is a list of Exploration that have been conducted in the area - and cataloged on OpenEI. Add.png Add a new Exploration Activity

Page Technique Activity Start Date Activity End Date Reference Material
2-M Probe At Alum Area (Kratt, Et Al., 2010) 2-M Probe

Acoustic Logs At Alum Area (Moos & Ronne, 2010) Acoustic Logs

Compound and Elemental Analysis At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Compound and Elemental Analysis

Core Analysis At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Core Analysis

Cross-Dipole Acoustic Log At Alum Area (Moos & Ronne, 2010) Cross-Dipole Acoustic Log

Cuttings Analysis At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Cuttings Analysis

Density Log at Alum Area (Moos & Ronne, 2010) Density Log

Development Wells At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Development Wells

Flow Test At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Flow Test

Gamma Log At Alum Area (Moos & Ronne, 2010) Gamma Log

Geothermometry At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Geothermometry

Ground Magnetics At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Ground Magnetics

Magnetotellurics At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Magnetotellurics

Multispectral Imaging At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Multispectral Imaging

Neutron Log At Alum Area (Moos & Ronne, 2010) Neutron Log

Pressure Temperature Log At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Pressure Temperature Log

Resistivity Log At Alum Area (Moos & Ronne, 2010) Single-Well and Cross-Well Resistivity

Rock Density At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Rock Density

Slim Holes At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Slim Holes

Thermal And-Or Near Infrared At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Thermal And-Or Near Infrared

Thermal Gradient Holes At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Thermal Gradient Holes

Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetics At Alum Area (DOE GTP) Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetics


List of existing Geothermal Resource Areas.