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Applying the Methodology to Geothermal Projects

Execution Indices

The following tables provide the details to select the appropriate execution index values for all resource attribute components (temperature, volume, reservoir, and fluid chemistry).

For each attribute:

  1. Select the character index value for the project locations.
  2. Select a technique index value to correspond to the method or technology used to obtain results.
  3. Select an execution index value for each technique used, describing how much is known about the data and the data collection process from that technique.
    Note: If multiple sources of data are used (such as literature searches and independent sampling), there will be an execution index value for each source.

In aggregating results to a project's mean or median character index value (e.g. average temperature), select the technique and execution indices that best reflect the data supporting the character index value. For example, one area's temperature is estimated only by surface features and geochemistry is used on well water samples in another region. If the geochemistry data is used primarily to indicate the resource's temperature, then the temperature character, technique, and index values from analyzing surficial features are not reported as the resource grade.