European Investment Bank

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European Investment Bank is an organization based in Luxembourg: Energy Resources.


"Our Mission is to further the objectives of the European Union by making long-term finance available for sound investment.

We are at the service of the Union. We were created by the Treaty of Rome; our shareholders are the Member States; and our Board of Governors is composed of the Finance Ministers of these States.

We provide service and value-added

through our appraisal and follow-up of investment projects and programmes. To receive our support, projects and programmes must be viable in four fundamental areas : economic, technical, environmental and financial. We appraise each investment project thoroughly and follow it through to completion.

through our financing. Through our own lending operations and our ability to attract other financing, we widen the range of funding possibilities. Through our borrowing activities, we contribute to the development of capital markets throughout the Union.

We offer first-class terms and conditions. Our financial soundness derives from the strength and commitment of our shareholders, the independence of our professional judgements and our record of achievement. It enables us to borrow at the finest terms, which we pass on in our lending conditions.

We work in partnership with others. Our policies are established in close coordination with the Member States and the other Institutions of the European Union. We also cooperate closely with the business and banking sectors and the main international organisations in our field.

We attract qualified and multi-lingual staff from all the Member States. We are motivated by our direct participation in the construction of Europe."


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