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The Energy Transition Model is an independent, comprehensive and fact-based energy model that is used by governments, corporations, NGOs and educators in various countries. It is backed by more than 20 partners. There are three different versions of the Energy Transition Model.


This application was developed by Quintel Intelligence for GasTerra as an easy and accessible introduction to the theme of energy transition.

The ETM aims to provide users with a factual basis for understanding and discussing the impact of changes in the energy system on the future of energy. Using verified energy data, the Energy Transition Model (ETM) aims to give you insight into what may happen in the future.

All data and assumptions used in the ETM were researched by Quintel Intelligence and its partners and validated by external experts whenever possible.



A fun introduction to the most important energy themes. Will your energy future get the highest score?


Packed with information on countries, provinces and cities. This version is used by policy makers and energy experts to evaluate their energy scenarios.

Energy Mixer

Thousands of people in the Netherlands and Germany have already created their Energy Mixes using this questionnaire.


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