Climate Financing Options

From Open Energy Information

"This Platform aims at providing comprehensive guidance on financial options available for climate action in developing countries. Here you can find information on where to access the wide range of funds available from multilateral and bilateral institution, as well as public and private sources. Learn more on how these funds are governed and whether your project is eligible. Users are invited to be a resource to share their experiences with investment projects and offer feedback and comments on ongoing projects."

"The CFO provides a number of services. It documents and analyzes the types of funds available, how much is available for what, the criteria for accessing them, how the monies are governed and administered. The Platform also provides examples and prototypes of successful cases in which different funds were blended to get the maximum impact. And the CFO is a knowledge center with a wide range of literature and tools to enable project developers to analyze their own projects for better informed decisions."

Users may search the platform by program type, funding sources, and world region.


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