CenterPoint Energy Smart Grid Project

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CenterPoint Energy, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, was selected to receive $200M in funding to improve the current smart meter project and begin building a smart grid.[2]

CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric’s (CPE) Smart Grid project involves deployment of a fully integrated advanced metering system and Web portal access to over 2.2 million customers, along with installation of advanced monitoring and distribution automation equipment. The project aims to reduce peak loads, overall electricity use, and operations and maintenance costs while increasing distribution system reliability. The project implements secure communications to: (1) allow smart meter customers to view their electricity consumption data whenever they want through the Smart Meter Texas (SMT) data exchange, and (2) allow CPE to effectively visualize and operate the distribution system. As a transmission and distribution service provider, CPE provides metering data to retail energy providers (REPs) through the SMT data exchange. The billing data and customer systems enable REPs to offer information feedback, new pricing programs, and other electric service options to customers. The project also deploys a more advanced distribution management system and automated feeder switching, that reduces operational costs and improves service reliability.[3]

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