California's 30th congressional district

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California's 30th congressional district: Energy Profile

This page represents a congressional district in California.

US Recovery Act Smart Grid Projects in California's 30th congressional district

  1. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Registered Research Institutions in California's 30th congressional district

  1. University of Southern California-Energy Institute

Registered Networking Organizations in California's 30th congressional district

  1. Green Depot

Registered Policy Organizations in California's 30th congressional district

  1. Clean Tech Los Angeles

Registered Energy Companies in California's 30th congressional district

  1. Agricultural Waste Solutions Inc AWS
  2. All Valley Solar
  3. Allegro Biodiesel Corporation
  4. Altra Inc
  5. American Elements
  6. Assured Power and Communications
  7. BioGold Fuels Corporation
  8. Bourne Energy
  9. CIM Group Inc
  10. California Climate Action Registry
  11. California State University CSU
  12. Cambrian Energy Development LLC
  13. Clean Energy Asset Management
  14. Clean Tech LLC
  15. Coda Automotive
  16. DTI Energy Inc
  17. E5 Clean Energy
  18. EDrive Systems LLC
  19. Enviro Board Corporation
  20. FB EcoSolutions LLC
  21. Fidelis Energy Inc
  22. Floyd Associates
  23. GFI Energy Ventures LLC
  24. Geothermal Power of America
  25. Global Clean Energy Holdings LLC GCEH
  26. Green Technology Institute at UCLA
  27. Grid Partners
  28. Hydrogen Car Co
  29. Iceland America Energy IAE
  30. Impact Capital Partners Limited
  31. InterPhases Research
  32. Kousa International
  33. L A Investment Capital
  34. LEHR Incorporated
  35. Longboard Capital Advisors
  36. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro
  37. Los Angeles Mayors Office
  38. Magnetek Inc
  39. Marshall Stevens
  40. Medical Discoveries Inc
  41. Miles Electric Vehicles
  42. Nexsun Energy
  43. Nila Inc.
  44. Nimes Capital LLC
  45. OriginOil Inc
  46. Paladin Private Equity Partners
  47. Palomar Ventures
  48. Paramount Farms
  49. Penrose Landfill Gas Conversion LLC
  50. Persu Mobility was Venture Vehicles Inc
  51. Psomas FMG LLC
  52. Pure Biofuels Corporation formerly Metasun Enterprises Inc
  53. Pure Power Distribution, Inc.
  54. Sino Transpacific Ventures LLC
  55. Solar Choice Solutions Inc
  56. Solar Electrical Vehicles
  57. Solar Integrated Technologies SIT
  58. SolarReserve
  59. Support Resources Inc
  60. The Clean Energy Fund
  61. The Sustainable Group
  62. Trexa Motor Corporation TMC
  63. VerdeXchange Institute
  64. Vireo Energy Financial Services
  65. Viridis Energy Inc
  66. Vision Industries dba Vision Motor Corp
  67. WM Solutions Inc

Registered Financial Organizations in California's 30th congressional district

  1. Angeleno Group
  2. US Renewables Group (California)