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This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change based on term start and end dates submitted by professors. Please contact the with any comments or concerns about the below schedule.

2/7/2014 Professors University/Professor Sign-up (soft) Deadline
3/7/2014 Students Student/Group Sign-up Deadline
3/7/2014 Students Final Case Study Area Selection Deadline
4/20/2014 Students Reference List Submission Due
5/1/2014 Students (Suggested) Deadline to Submit Class Reports to Professors
5/2/2014 Students GRC Deadline for Paper Submission
5/15/2014 Professors Submit a Professor Score Sheet for each case study submission
5/15/2014 Students Submission deadline for Final Report and all supporting documents;
Deadline for upload of all information to OpenEI
TBD Expert Panel Judgment Day
9/28 - 10/1, 2014 Students GRC Annual Meeting

Dates and Deadlines

A list of tentative dates and deadlines is presented below. Please contact the with any comments or concerns about the below schedule.

2/7/2014 - University/Professor Sign-up (soft) Deadline
NREL would like to identify as many university professors as possible who are interested in participating in the project by 1/31/2014. The purpose of this soft sign-up deadline is to provide professors with sufficient time to integrate the case study project into new or existing geothermal course work prior to the start of the Geothermal Case Study Challenge. Professors may sign-up after the soft deadline, but should allocate enough time to thoroughly plan and structure their course materials that will support their classes’ participation in the challenge.

3/7/2014 - Student/Group Sign-up Close
Students and student groups must register for participation in the Geothermal Case Study Challenge by 2/25/2014. Additional student groups will not be allowed to sign up for the challenge once this hard deadline has passed. OpenEI accounts will be issued to participating students and professors, providing them with access to website editing resources. Students should explore OpenEI independently and visit the completed case study example pages (linked above) to familiarize themselves with the website and case study structure.

3/7/2014 - Final Case Study Area Selection Deadline
Participating students/student groups must choose the geothermal resource area they wish to investigate during the Geothermal Case Study Challenge by 2/29/2014 from the list of case study locations posted on OpenEI. Each case study location will be selected on a first come-first serve basis, and may only be researched by one student or student group. Early sign up and selection of case study areas is strongly encouraged to ensure that participants are able to research those geothermal resource areas that they find most interesting.

4/20/2014 - Reference List Submission Deadline
Students will electronically submit a formatted list of references cited in their case studies to NREL by 4/20/2014. The collection of references consulted/cited during research should also be included with the submission, exported from Zotero in BibTex (.bib) format. Professors may continue to work with students to revise and improve their case studies up to the Class Report Submission Deadline. Students may also begin to upload case study narratives and supporting materials to OpenEI at any time following the Reference List Submission Deadline. NREL will batch-upload the reference lists to OpenEI prior to the Class Report Submission Deadline, so that students have ample time to recognize and address reference-specific formatting errors before final submission of their case studies.

5/1/2014 - Class Report Submission Deadline
A completed draft of each student’s or student group’s case study should be submitted to their professor for review and internal evaluation by 5/1/2014. Case studies may be submitted to professors for internal evaluation at an earlier date if desired, in order to provide flexibility to professors in structuring their course and in satisfying university grade reporting requirements.

5/2/2014 - GRC Paper Submission Deadline
Professors should encourage students with good quality papers to submit for presentation at the GRC Annual Meeting by 5/2/2014. Submission of papers from runners up will allow the GRC to expand the poster session by selecting additional presenters beyond the 5 that are awarded paid travel to the conference through NREL.

5/15/2014 - Professor Evaluation Submission Deadline
Professors will submit a scoring sheet to NREL by 5/15/2014 with an evaluation of each of the reports submitted as part of their class’ assessment criteria. NREL will provide professors with a form that follows the same evaluation criteria to be used during final judging of the case study submissions. Professors may use these criteria to pre-assess case study submissions as many times as they wish leading up to the Class Report Submission Deadline to assist students in improving their case studies.

5/15/2014 - Final Report Submission & Upload Deadline
All finalized case studies and supporting documents must be submitted to NREL electronically by the specified 5/15/2014 deadline. Submissions should include the completed Case Study Narrative, Exploration Activities Table, and Data Tables templates, in addition to a folder with any relevant figures to be uploaded to OpenEI with the final report. Case studies narratives, data tables, and exploration activities should also be correctly formatted for display on the web and uploaded to OpenEI by the 5/15/2014 deadline. Case studies submissions that fail to provide all of the required documents and supporting materials will be excluded from final judging.

TBD - Judgment Day
Winners of the Geothermal Case Study Challenge will present their exploration case studies at a poster session at the 2014 GRC Annual Meeting in Portland, OR. The actual date of the poster presentation session will depend on the final conference schedule specified by the GRC.