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Goals & Objectives

To promote student participation in the development of a public geothermal resource;

To aid students in gaining research skills;

To support geothermal energy education amongst universities.

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Only registered participants will be eligible to submit case studies for evaluation. All submissions must be complete, formatted appropriately, and submitted by the respective deadlines to qualify.

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Final report due 5/15/2014.

This challenge includes multiple interim deliverables. Student groups must meet all deadlines to be eligible to win.

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Sign Up

Professors, register your spring course for participation by 2/7/2014.

Students, register your team by 3/7/2014.

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Geothermal Areas

Each student group will chose a geothermal resource area to be the subject of their case study submission. A map and list of geothermal areas is available to aid in selection.

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How To

Each submission will cover a range of topics, including a history of exploration and development activities, a summary of geothermal reservoir properties, and details of thermal fluid utilization.

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Contact Us

The Geothermal Case Study Challenge team is here to help. Contact us via e-mail with comments, questions or concerns, or follow us on twitter at #GeothermalChallenge.

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Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of industry experts. The top 5 case study teams will be awarded paid travel to present their work at the 2014 Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) Annual Meeting in Portland Oregon, Sept. 28 – Oct. 1.

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