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3TIER is a company located in Seattle, Washington. 3TIER is a leader in weather-driven renewable energy assessment and forecasting for wind, solar, and hydro power projects of all sizes. 3TIER helps maximize the value of renewable resources while mitigating the risks of their inherent variability.

3TIER is a supply-side energy efficiency company, providing the core data and knowledge for clients to make decisions regarding their investment in a renewable energy generation technology. 3TIER uses sophisticated computer modeling systems, in-house expertise, and reliable delivery mechanisms to forecast both the short-term intermittency and the long-term availability of renewable energy. 3TIER provides utility-scale, scientifically-based assessment and forecast products and services to clients. 3TIER creates unique advanced datasets not available anywhere else in the renewable energy industry based on the latest scientific techniques.

To view resource data based on 3TIER's global wind dataset and extensive solar dataset visit 3Tier and register for an account to use FirstLook.

Founded in 1999, 3TIER is a privately-held, equal opportunity employer based in Seattle, WA with offices around the world in Panama, India, and Australia.


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