World Geothermal Power Generation 2001-2005

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Conference Proceedings: World Geothermal Power Generation 2001-2005


The Rapporteur reviewed all the Country Update papers for the nations where geothermal electricity is currently in operation. The relevant figures are: 1. Twenty-four countries generate power from geothermal resources; 2. The total installed capacity is 8 900 MW, corresponding to 8 000 MW of running capacity and supplying 57 000 GWh in 2003, an increase of 12% and 15% respectively with respect to year 2000; 3. Nineteen countries have performed significant drilling operations since 2000, with a total of 290 wells and 560 km of drilled depth, an average well depth of 1.9 km; 4. Costa Rica, France, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Russia all show an important increase of relevant power plant installation activities (above 10% with respect to year 2000); 5. New entries among the geothermal electricity community are Austria, Germany and Papua New Guinea; 6. Plants from Argentina and Greece have been definitely


Ruggero Bertani

World Geothermal Congress; Antalya, Turkey; 2005/04/24

World Geothermal Congress, 2005

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Ruggero Bertani. 2005. World Geothermal Power Generation 2001-2005. Proceedings of World Geothermal Congress; Turkey: World Geothermal Congress.