Water Sampling At Mokapu Penninsula Area (Thomas, 1986)

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Exploration Activity: Water Sampling At Mokapu Penninsula Area (Thomas, 1986)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Mokapu Penninsula Area
Exploration Technique Water Sampling
Activity Date
Usefulness could be useful with more improvements
DOE-funding Unknown

Chemical analysis of groundwater from Mokapu was severely restricted by the absence of drilled wells; the only groundwater sources present were five shallow, brackish ponds, Chemical data indicated that all of the ponds consisted of seawater diluted by varying amounts of fresh surface water; no thermal alteration was revealed by the water chemistry (Table 2). Available temperature and water chemistry data on the Koolau caldera area were also assessed as part of the Mokapu study. The results of this analysis (Table 2; Fig. 16) indicated that the majority of the ground-water sources in this area were typical of those found in the Hawaiian environment. However, two wells did have reports of anomalous conditions: one well had a reported (although unconfirmed) temperature of 30degrees C while the other had a chloride/magnesium ion ratio in excess of 15 ppm. Both of these wells are located on or adjacent to the Koolau caldera boundary faults and hence they may reflect thermal alterations.


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