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The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is dedicated to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the state’s fish and wildlife resources. The department operates under a dual mandate from the Washington Legislature to:

  • Protect and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats.
  • Provide sustainable, fish- and wildlife-related recreational and commercial opportunities.

Department policy is guided by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission composed of nine citizen members appointed by the Governor. Department operations are led by a Director and an Executive Management Team. The Director is appointed by the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The department is headquartered in Olympia and operates six regional offices throughout the state.


To preserve, protect and perpetuate fish, wildlife and ecosystems while providing sustainable fish and wildlife recreational and commercial opportunities.


Conservation of Washington’s fish and wildlife resources and ecosystems.

WDFW defines “Conservation” as:

Protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural environments and the ecological communities that inhabit them; including management of human use for public benefit and sustainable social and economic needs.

Department Goals

To achieve its mission, WDFW will continue to focus its activities on the following four goals:

Goal 1:
Conserve and protect native fish and wildlife
Goal 2:
Provide sustainable fishing, hunting, and other wildlife-related recreational and commercial experiences
Goal 3:
Promote a healthy economy, protect community character, maintain an overall high quality of life, and deliver high-quality customer service
Goal 4:
Build an effective and efficient organization by supporting our workforce, improving business processes, and investing in technology


  1.  "WDFW Website"

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