Very Low Temperature

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Very Low Temperature:
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Sanyal Temp Classification

This temperature scheme was developed by Sanyal in 2005 at the request of DOE and GEA, as reported in Classification of Geothermal Systems: A Possible Scheme.

Reservoir fluid between 100°C and 150°C is considered by Sanyal to be "very low temperature."

"The mobile fluid phase in these reservoirs is liquid water. Very few power projects have been developed in the U.S. based on geothermal resources in the 100° to 150°C temperature range, and these projects have proven only marginally commercial. Well productivity for such a resource would typically be less than 5 MWe, the typical range being 2 to 4 MWe. Geothermal resources in this temperature range call for pumped wells and binary-cycle power generation. Given the significant advances made in downhole pump and binary-cycle power generation technologies over the last two decades, power generation from resources in this temperature range is eminently commercial today. The 150°C temperature limit is somewhat arbitrary and may be moved either way by perhaps up to 10°C" (reference: