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The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank signed in April 2011 an agreement to create a single-donor trust fund entitled Climate Change Partnership (VNCLIP). VNCLIP will be implemented over three years with funding of about $4.2 million. It includes a recipient-executed component that will be administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). VNCLIP will be dedicated to building capacity on climate change policy and institutional issues in five ministries of the Government of Vietnam, has a component focused on adaptation studies, a component focused on low carbon growth studies, and a component to ensure sufficient capacity in the Bank’s office in Hanoi to carry out the program.

Project Objective

The overall goal of the DFID-WB Climate Change Partnership (VNCLIP) is to ensure that Vietnam is less negatively affected by climate change and transitions to a low-carbon growth path. The purpose is to prepare Vietnam better to deal with climate change impacts and to contribute to climate change mitigation.

Expected Outcomes

  • 10 million rural poor men and women will benefit from enhanced climate resilience in rural development and natural resource management.
  • Enhanced capacity on climate change in five key ministries and better coordination between them
  • Sound climate change adaptation considerations are incorporated into project designs for key rural development and natural resource management projects
  • Low-carbon development strategy for Vietnam is in place
  • Vietnam benefits from enhanced capacity on climate change in WB Vietnam Office


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