US Voluntary Green Power Market 2020

From Open Energy Information

NREL has tracked the voluntary green power market since its inception in the 1990s to help corporate purchasers, utilities, and others selling renewable energy products understand available renewable options and move renewable energy forward. This page provides visualizations of our market data. NREL’s analysis and publications on this topic are available on the Voluntary Green Power Procurement page.

In 2020, about 192 million MWh of renewable energy was procured by through green power markets. That represents about 5% of U.S. retail electricity sales and 35% of U.S. non-hydro renewable energy generation.

In 2020, about 7.5 million customers purchased renewable energy through green power markets. This represents 1 in 20 U.S. retail electricity customers

This map provides estimates of where green power was generated to be used for green power markets. Texas was the largest source of generation in 2020, primarily through unbundled RECs, power purchase agreements, and competitive suppliers.

This map provides estimates of the location of the green power buyer, regardless from where the renewable energy is sourced. California had the largest number of customers in 2020, driven by participation in community choice aggregation programs that offer more renewable energy than required by state law.