Title 10 Chapter 32 Flood Hazard Areas

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Legal Document- Statute: Title 10 Chapter 32 Flood Hazard Areas

The purpose of this chapter is to minimize and prevent the loss of life and property, the disruption of commerce, the impairment of the tax base, and the extraordinary public expenditures and demands on public service that result from flooding; to ensure that the development of the flood hazard areas of this State is accomplished in a manner consistent with the health, safety and welfare of the public; to coordinate federal, State, and local management activities for flood hazard areas; to encourage local government units to manage flood hazard areas and other flood-prone lands; to provide State assistance to local government units in management of flood-prone lands; to comply with National Flood Insurance Program requirements for the regulation of development; to authorize adoption of State rules for management of uses exempt from municipal regulation in a flood hazard area; to maintain the agricultural use of flood-prone lands consistent with the National Flood Insurance Program; to carry out a comprehensive statewide flood hazard area management program for the State in order to ensure eligibility for flood insurance under the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program


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10 V.S.A. 751 et seq.

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Title 10 Chapter 32 Flood Hazard Areas (1973).