The US Hot Dry Rock Project

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Journal Article: The US Hot Dry Rock Project

Early attempts to hydraulically fracture and connect two wells drilled at the Hot Dry Rock (HDR) site at Fenton Hill in New Mexico produced a large volume of fractured rock, but no connection. Microearthquakes triggered by fracturing indicated that the stimulated rock zones grew in unexpected directions. Consequently one of the wells was sidetracked at a depth of 2.9 km. It was redrilled into the zones of most intense microseismic activity, and flow connections were achieved. Hydraulic communication was improved by supplemental stimulation using recently developed high temperature and high pressure open hole packers. Preliminary testing indicates a reservoir with heat production capability which greatly surpasses that attained in the earlier Phase I reservoir. Longer term testing in 1987 and 1988 will provide more complete information on reservoir behaviour.

John T. Whetten, Bert R. Dennis, Donald S. Dreesen, Leigh S. House, Hugh D. Murphy, Bruce A. Robinson and Morton C. Smith

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1987

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John T. Whetten,Bert R. Dennis,Donald S. Dreesen,Leigh S. House,Hugh D. Murphy,Bruce A. Robinson,Morton C. Smith. 1987. The US Hot Dry Rock Project. Geothermics. 16(4):331-339.

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