The Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)

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CIFF is an independent, non-profit, philanthropic organization formally linked to an investment fund, which contributes a portion of its management fees and profits to the Foundation. CIFF’s staff and Trustees come from diverse business and development backgrounds seeking to bring the best of both sectors to every grant.

CIFF aims to deliver large-scale, long-term transformational advances for children as evidenced by clear indicators for children to survive, thrive and mature successfully into adulthood.

We do this by:

  • Finding opportunities to make major improvements to well-being for large numbers of children
  • Designing investments with like-minded partners to grasp these opportunities head on
  • Engaging with partners throughout the investment process to optimize direct and indirect impacts.
  • Working primarily in Sub Saharan Africa and India, CIFF strives to build a portfolio of consistently high-performing investments for children."


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