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This template is used to generate RAPID Tech/Jurisdiction/Topic pages.

A summary page exists for each state under each technology type. Example: RAPID/BulkTransmission/Colorado/Land Use

This template includes all required RAPID page templates (Navigation, Sub-Nav and Footer).

Parameters Include:

  • StateProcess = a brief description of permitting at the state level
  • LocalProcess = any localized descriptions that may apply
  • Permitting at a Glance

There are several parameters for permitting at a glance, these are dependent on topic.

  1. Land Use
    1. Federal Land Percentage
    2. State Land Percentage
    3. Tribal Land Percentage
    4. Private Land Percentage
  2. Land Access
    1. Right-of-Way Agency
    2. Right-of-Way Process
    3. Highway Right-of-Way Agency
    4. Highway Right-of-Way Process
    5. Eminent Domain
    6. Leasing Agency
    7. Competitive Land Leasing
    8. Noncompetitive Land Leasing
    9. Royalty Rate Competitive Land Lease
    10. Royalty Rate Noncompetitive Land Lease
    11. Royalty Rate Calculation Basis
    12. Royalty Distribution
  3. Exploration
    1. Exploration Permit Agency (Pre Drilling)
    2. Exploration Permit (Pre Drilling)
    3. Exploration Permit Agency (Drilling)
    4. Exploration Permit (Drilling)
  4. Drilling & Well Field Development
    1. Drilling & Well Field Permit Agency
    2. Drilling & Well Field Permit
  5. Power Plant
    1. Power Plant Siting
    2. Power Plant Siting Agency
    3. Power Plant Siting MW Threshold
    4. Definition for Public Utility
    5. Coordinating Permit Offices
    6. Coordinating Permit Process
    7. Coordinating Permit Offices MW Threshold
    8. Coordinating Permit Offices Agency
    9. Agencies Coordinating
    10. Public Utility Regulatory Authority
    11. Public Utility Regulatory Authority Certification MW Threshold
    12. Public Utility Definition for Power Generator
    13. Certificate of Public Good/Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (Hydropower Only)
    14. Certificate Agency (Hydropower Only)
    15. Certificate Threshold (Hydropower Only)
    16. Public Utility/Electric Plant Definition for Certificate (Hydropower Only)
    17. Certificate Exemptions (Hydropower Only)
    18. Small Hydropower Program (Hydropower Only)
    19. Small Hydropower Program Regulatory Agency (Hydropower Only)
    20. Small Hydropower Program Threshold (Hydropower Only)
    21. Small Hydropower Definition (Hydropower Only)
    22. Small Hydropower Program Description (Hydropower Only)
    23. Renewable Portfolio Standard Process (Hydropower Only)
    24. RPS Regulatory Agency
    25. RPS Certificate Threshold
  6. Transmission
    1. Transmission Siting Agency
    2. Transmission Siting
    3. Transmission Siting Threshold
    4. Public Definition for Transmission Facility
    5. Regulated Entity Definition (Hydropower Only)
    6. Public Utility Regulatory Authority Certification Transmission Threshold
    7. Interconnection Request (Hydropower Only)
    8. Interconnection Request Agency (Hydropower Only)
  7. Transmission Siting
    1. Preemptive Authority
    2. Transmission Siting Agency
    3. Transmission Siting Process
    4. Transmission Siting Threshold
    5. Siting Act
    6. Regulated Entity Definition
    7. Public Utility Regulatory Authority Certification Transmission Threshold
    8. Permit Authorization
    9. Processing Timeframe
  8. Environment
    1. Environmental Review
    2. Environmental Review Agency
    3. Federal Environmental Review (Leasing Stage)
    4. State Environmental Review (Leasing Stage)
    5. Environmental Review (Non-invasive Exploration)
    6. Environmental Review (Drilling)
    7. Environmental Review (Power Plant Siting)
    8. Environmental Reveiw Threshold (Hydropower Only)
    9. Applicable MOU with FERC (Hydropower Only)
  9. Water Quality
    1. Nonpoint Source Pollution Process
    2. Nonpoint Source Pollution Agency
    3. Discharge Elimination System
    4. Discharge Elimination System Agency
    5. UIC Permit Process
    6. UIC Permit Agency
    7. Groundwater Discharge Permit Process
    8. Groundwater Discharge Permit Agency
    9. 401 Water Quality Certification (Hydropower Only)
    10. 401 Certification Agency (Hydropower Only)
  10. Air Quality
    1. Air Permit Process
    2. Air Permit Agency
  11. Water Access & Water Rights
    1. Water Right Classification
    2. Water Right Agency
    3. Geothermal Right Classification
    4. Water Right Required for the Project
    5. Water Right for Pumping Geothermal Fluids (Geothermal Only)
    6. Defined Terms (Hydropower Only)


With Summary:

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