South Africa-REEEP EERE Activities

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REEEP EERE Activities in South Africa

  1. Commercialisation of Large scale Solar Water Heating Systems - To establish a facility for Solar Water Heating (SWH) to scale-up current activities in large scale SWH-applications
  2. Developing a Vehicle for SWH Mass Implementation in SA - Assisting at least three cities in developing vehicles for the mass rollout of solar water heaters.
  3. Integrated Rural Energy Utility (IREU) Roadmap Facilitate the implementation of rural integrated energy service utilities (IEU), supplying grid, off-grid and thermal energy needs in rural communities.
  4. Development Marketplace Competition for Affordable Non-Fossil Lighting in Sub-Saharan Africa - To host a Development Marketplace (DM) Competition in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop low cost, non-fossil lighting products and services for low income households and small businesses.
  5. Combined legislative and financial mechanisms for Solar Water Heater mass rollout - To support South African provincial and local governments in moving SWH legislation forward, and to continue the development of a combined framework of legislation, sound business models and additional government support to promote the large-scale rollout of SWHs in South Africa.


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