South Africa-GTZ Clean Energy Project

From Open Energy Information

GTZ is working with South Africa on this project with the following objective: "The programme aims to reducing CO2-emissions through the commercialisation of energy efficient and renewable energy products to households, improve the health and safety in low income households and small businesses, and establish a carbon facility to unlock the potential income from avoided emissions of its products."

Results achieved so far

"BECCAP is building on the ten years of experience of ProBEC to establish a carbon facility and secure a place for its energy efficient devices in the carbon market. To this end, a business plan has been commissioned which identifies costs, revenues and timeframes, and recommends how the facility could be developed and implemented. Performance and monitoring of the underlying project or programme will be a key driver of the carbon finance returns. BECCAP’s carbon facility will commercialise the greenhouse gas emissions savings generated through its activities.

The Sustainable Energy Technology Testing and Research Centre, which comprises a combustion testing facility, has been established to ensure high quality devices, and to aggregate a critical mass of Africa-based energy scientists and technologists. It creates formal links between universities in the Southern African Development Community through a “People’s Energy Network” arrangement of academic exchange and partnerships.

Through a pilot project conducted in KwaZulu-Natal, BECCAP has identified a wholesaler prepared to import a container of energy efficient stoves for resale. Hence the private sector is being utilised to positively deliver on a development agenda that has a direct impact on decreasing CO2. BECCAP envisages that even if ten percent of the two million households purchase and use these stoves, indicators illustrate that 75 000 tons of CO2 will be saved with a further indirect saving of 185 000 tons."


  1.  "Clean Energy for South Africa"