Solar Power In China

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  1. All Solar PV
  2. Anwell Technologies Ltd aka Sungen
  3. BSL-Solar
  4. Beijing Sijimicoe Solar Energy
  5. Beijing Sky Solar Investment Management Co
  6. Big China Solar Energy Group
  7. CETC Solar Energy
  8. Centro Renewables Holding Limited
  9. China Innovation Investment Limited
  10. China Technology Solar Power Holdings Ltd
  11. Hong Kong Taiyang Investment Group Co Ltd
  12. Hope Solar
  13. Sun Bear Solar Ltd
  14. Trina Solar
  15. Yingli Solar
  16. ZTE Energy Co Ltd

Investment in Solar

China's state-owned banks have provided low-cost loans to China's renewable industry.[1]

Low-Cost Solar Manufacturing in China

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  1.  "So far this year (2010), the state-controlled China Development Bank has extended $24 billion in loans" to Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., Trina Solar Ltd., Suntech Power Holdings Co., Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. and Solarfun Power Holdings Co