Slim Holes At Newberry Caldera Area (Combs, Et Al., 1999)

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Exploration Activity: Slim Holes At Newberry Caldera Area (Combs, Et Al., 1999)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Newberry Caldera Area
Exploration Technique Slim Holes
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Negotiations with California Energy Company, Incorporated (CECI), which owns leases in the Newberry KGRA led to an agreement for a cost-shared exploratory drilling project on CECI'Slease. In return for the cost-share, Sandia was to receive testing, production and cost data from the slhnholes and from the production wells drilled nearby, giving a direct comparison of productivity predicted from tests on the slimholes and that achieved by the actual production wells. Since locations, depths and lithology are also similar, there would also be a close comparison of drilling costs.


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