Rock Sampling At Mt Ranier Area (Frank, 1995)

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Exploration Activity: Rock Sampling At Mt Ranier Area (Frank, 1995)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Mt Ranier Area
Exploration Technique Rock Sampling
Activity Date
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

This paper relies primarily on minerals, gases, and water found in surficial deposits to construct a conceptual model for Mount Rainier that considers the following factors: - Locations of hydrothermal leakage at the surface; - Structures that provide permeable paths of fluid egress to the surface; - Amount of excess heat discharge; - Composition of surficial thermal fluids; - Composition, guided by mineralogy, of subsurface thermal fluids. Analytical data used as a basis for the model are from samples collected during field investigations in 1982-1985 (Frank, 1985), whereas other field and remote sensing observations span a longer time period up to the present. In addition, a critical overview of historical information on hydrothermal activity at Mount Rainier is provided as an important context in which to place a conceptual model.

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