Radiometrics At Chena Geothermal Area (Kolker, 2008)

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Exploration Activity: Radiometrics At Chena Geothermal Area (Kolker, 2008)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Chena Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Radiometrics
Activity Date 2005 - 2007
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
Exploration program undertaken by the DOE-funded Geothermal Resource Evaluation and Definitions Program Phase I (GRED III Phase I)
Fugro, Inc. performed an airborne geophysical survey using the DIGHEM (Digital Helicopter ElectroMagnetics) aircraft over a 937 km^2 survey grid. Airborne gamma radiation survey indicated anomalously high concentrations of U and Th correlated with highly evolved granite outcrops in the northern and eastern areas of the Chena Pluton. These measurements contributed to the geological map compiled.

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