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Club of 20 Regions (R20)

A new regional coalition, organized by California governor Schwarzenegger, to fast track the results of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference and push respective national governments into more rapid actions and stronger commitments to fight climate change. The founding members (list) will develop the coalition’s principles, formulate a shared vision of global security and prosperity and recruit other subnational members for an official launch of the Club of 20 Regions (R20) next September. [2010] The R20 coalition is an extension of the Global Climate Solutions Declarationsigned at Governor Schwarzenegger’s Governors’ Global Climate Summit in October. [2009][1]

The members of R20 will prepare a work plan to:[1]

  • Develop a shared vision for global security and prosperity
  • Pursue adaptation strategies to address current and future climate change
  • Mitigate greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support public-private partnerships and the use of finance mechanisms to address global warming
  • Promote technology transfer and capacity building agreements.
  • R20 press release[1]
  • R20 concept[2]
  • Current members: ?


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