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Property Name PotentialBiopowerSolidMass
Property Type Quantity
Description The potential mass of solid biopower material for a place.

Use this type to express a quantity of magnitude, or an object's resistance to acceleration. The default unit is the kilogram (kg).


Acceptable units (and their conversions) are:

  • Kilograms - 1 kg, kilo, kilogram, kilograms, Kilogram, kilogramme, kilos
  • Grams - 1000 g, gram, gramme, grams
  • Tonnes - 0.001 tonnes, metric tons, Tonnes, Metric Tonnes
  • Pounds - 2.205 lbs, pounds, pound, Pounds, Lbs
  • Stone - 0.1575 stones, st, stone
  • Ounces - 35.27 ounces, oz, Ounces, ounce
  • BDT - 0.001 BDT, Bone Dry Tonnes, bdt