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AEP Ohio - Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Purchase Program (Ohio) +RECs must be registered in the PJM-GATS  +
APS - Solutions for Business Financing (Arizona) +3.99% or higher (see website for details)<br />Available for retrofit projects only through the comprehensive Solutions for Business program. Projects must qualify for a rebate under the Solutions for Business program. Work must be performed by Solutions for Business Trade Ally.  +
Adams Electric Cooperative - Energy Efficiency Loan Program (Pennsylvania) +Rate: 4.5%-5%<br /> Repayment Terms: up to 7 years  +
Agricultural Energy Loan Program (Vermont) +Determined on a case-by-case basis; maximum term is 20 years  +
Agricultural Improvement Loan Program (Minnesota) +Maximum term of 10 years  +
Agriculture and Food Processing Energy Loans (California) +Fixed rate of 3.2% for the life of loan<br /> Maximum repayment term of 7 years  +
Alabama Power - Residential Heat Pump and Weatherization Loan Programs (Alabama) +Not specified  +
AlabamaSAVES Revolving Loan Program (Alabama) +Interest Rate: 1% as of December 2014<br /> Loan Length: 10 year maximum<br /> Application fee: 500 for projects less than 250,000; 1,000 for projects over 250,000<br /> Program origination fee: (3% for direct loans, 2% and reasonable and customary costs from a participating lender partner for subsidized loans). Origination fees are subject to a minimum of 2,000.  +
Alameda Municipal Power - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program (California) +Rate: not specified Repayment: not specified  +
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) - Advanced Renewables Tariff (Wisconsin) +Contract has term of 10 years; solar customers must enroll in Second Nature green pricing program  +
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) - Farm Wiring Financing Program (Wisconsin) +Rate: 3%<br /> Repayment: up to 5 years<br />  +
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) - Shared Savings Program (Wisconsin) +Rate: 0%<br /> Repayment: up to 5 years<br />  +
Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light (Gas and Electric) - Low Interest Energy Efficiency Loan Program (Iowa) +Rate: 0% up to 12 months - 6.9% at 60 months  +
Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light (Gas and Electric) - Low Interest Energy Efficiency Loan Program (Minnesota) +Rate: 0% - 6.9%<br /> Repayment: up to 5 years<br />  +
Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program (Iowa) +0% interest<br /> Maximum term of 20 years<br /> Non-regulated utilities limited to 1 loan every 2 years  +
Alternative Energy Conservation Loan Fund (Alaska) +Maximum loan term is 20 years.  +
Alternative Energy Investment Tax Credit (Montana) +Participant investment must be greater than or equal to 5,000. Unused credit may be carried forward 7 years. See below for criteria to qualify for a 15-year carryover.  +
Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax Credit (New Mexico) +5-year tax credit carryover  +
Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (Montana) +Up to 10 years; 3.25% interest rate for 2014  +
Alternative Fuels Loan Program for Governments (Oklahoma) +Maximum seven-year loan period  +
Alternative Loan Program (Missouri) +- Applicant must be a legal Missouri resident and the project must be located in Missouri - Applicant must be a minimum of 14 years of age - Interest Rate - 5.9% - Maximum term of loan - 5 years with semi-annual payments  +
Alternative and Clean Energy Program (Pennsylvania) +Loan interest rates set at 250 basis points higher than 10 year treasury bond (5% for 2014); failure to meet job creation requirements may result in repayment of grants or additional interest payments over the remaining term of the loan.  +
Alternative and Clean Energy State Loan Program (Pennsylvania) +Fixed-rate loan (1-5% depending on project type) to be repaid within 10 years; loans may be amortized over the life of the equipment, not to exceed 25 years, except 10 years for energy efficiency or conservation projects.  +
Ameren Missouri - Solar Renewable Energy Credits +10 year contracts<br /> Must meet Ameren net metering requirements  +
Amicalola EMC - Energy Resource Conservation (ERC) Loan (Georgia) +Rate: 5%<br /> Repayment: up to 7 years  +