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Property Name Incentive/PVComIncr1KW
Property Type String
Description The first increment (“Increment 1”) of capacity for commercial PV incentives. Use this for non-residential tiered incentive rates structured to provide a decreasing $/W rebate for each successive increment of capacity. Ex: MA non-residential solar rebate:•$3.25/W for the first 25 kW of system capacity•$3.00/W for the next 75 kW of system capacity•$2.00/W for the next 100 kW of system capacity•$1.50/W for the next 300 kW of system capacity•Adder for Massachusetts company components: $0.25/W•Adder for public buildings: $1.00/W Thus, for the MA non-residential rebate the first increment of capacity is 25 kW. There may or may not be a different increment capacity for non-residential and residential. For example, in NY, the first increment of capacity is 5 kW, whereas for non-residential it is 25 kW.

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