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Australia-Solar-Map.png +Average Daily Solar Exposure: Australia  +
Awstwspd100onoff3-1.jpg +Map of the U.S. land-based and offshore annual average wind speed at 100m  +
BOEMRE OCS.oil.gas.2007-12.map.pdf +Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil & Gas Leasing Program 2007 - 2012  +
BOEMRE US.CSB.Map.pdf +US Continental Shelf Boundary (CSB) Areas  +
BOEMRE US.CSB.bathy.map.pdf +Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Boundary Areas, in color  +
BOEMRE atlantic.OCS.multiple.use.map.2003.pdf +Multiple Uses of the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf  +
BOEMRE lease.platforms.santa.barb.map.5.2010.pdf +Federal Leases in Pacific Ocean, near Santa Maria Basin  +
BOEMRE oil.gas.plant.platform.sta.brbra.map.4.2010.pdf +Federal Leases in Pacific Ocean, near Santa Barbara Channel  +
BOEMRE platforms.leases.longbeach.map.5.2010.pdf +Federal Leases in Pacific Ocean, near Long Beach  +
Banglmetst 221.pdf +Meteorology: map of Bangladesh selected meteorological stations and elevation from NREL  +
Black.Warrior.Basin usgs.map.pdf +Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Black Warrior Basin Province of Alabama and Mississippi  +
BrazilTMYst 238.pdf +Meteorology: map of Brazil selected meteorological stations and elevation from NREL  +
CV TidePotential.pdf +Cape Verde-Map Summarizing Tide Potential  +
CV WindSpeed.pdf +Cape Verde-Map Summarizing Average Wind Speed (m/s)  +
Calabarzon Speed 100m.jpeg +Calabarzon - Republic of the Philippines, wind speed at 100 meters  +
Cammetst 58.pdf +Meteorology: map of Central America selected meteorological stations and elevation from NREL  +
Central America 50m Wind Power.pdf +Central America - 50m Wind Power  +
China Chifeng 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Chifeng 50m Wind Power  +
China Enshi 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Enshi 50m Wind Power  +
China Fuzhou 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Fuzhou 50m Wind Power  +
China Guangzhou 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Guangzhou 50m Wind Power  +
China Haikou 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Haikou 50m Wind Power  +
China Hangzhou 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Hangzhou 50m Wind Power  +
China Hohhot 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Hohhot 50m Wind Power  +
China Jiamusi 50m Wind Power.pdf +China Jiamusi 50m Wind Power  +