Post 2012 Climate Regime

From Open Energy Information

"In this report, we address these questions (below) and explore the economic and environ-mental implications of the pledges and NAMAs submitted under the Copenhagen Accord (UNFCCC 2009). Furthermore, we analyze and assess the comparability of efforts of Annex I mitigation pledges compared to a range of socio-economic indicators that may provide a basis for a “fair” effort sharing agreement to achieve a given target. The analysis was performed using i) the ClimStrat tool which provides a flexible, ready-to-use analytical tool based on marginal abatement cost curves resulting from a partial equilibrium framework, and ii) the GHG effort sharing tool which has been designed to allocate GHG reduction targets for the Annex I Parties and uses a transparent set of indicators to reflect national circumstances when sharing the necessary reduction effort.

Four key questions arise:

  • Do the pledges add up to the emission reductions required necessary by science?
  • What are the costs associated with meeting the given targets?
  • Are the proposed emission reduction efforts of Annex I parties comparable?
  • What would comparable efforts look like taking country-specific socio-economic indicators into account?"


  1.  "Post-2012 Climate Regime"