Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

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Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development is an organization based in Salem, Oregon: Energy Resources.

Guiding Principles:

  • Provide a healthy environment;
  • Sustain a prosperous economy;
  • Ensure a desirable quality of life; and
  • Provide fairness and equity to all Oregonians.

Strategic Goals

Secure Oregon's Legacy

  • Conserve coastal, farm, forest, riparian and other resource lands.
  • Promote a sense of place in the built and natural environments.
  • Protect unique and threatened resources by guiding development to less sensitive areas.

Promote Sustainable, Vibrant Communities

  • Integrate land use, transportation and public facilities planning.
  • Provide for housing choices.
  • Encourage economic development.

Engage Citizens and Stakeholders in Continued Improvements of Oregon's Land Use Planning Program

  • Support regional perspectives and strengths.
  • Ensure equitable application of regulatory programs.
  • Develop strong, collaborative partnerships with citizens and communities.

Provide Timely and Dynamic Leadership

  • Develop and coordinate strategic initiatives with other state agencies and local governments.
  • Seek solutions that address immediate and long-range challenges including climate change, in collaboration with local governments, community and academic partners.

Deliver Resources and Services that are Efficient, Outcome-Based and Professional

  • Provide local government with services and resources to support their comprehensive planning process.
  • Communicate with the public in a timely and transparent manner.
  • Focus on communications, staff training and administrative systems to ensure continued improvement of customer service.


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