Oman Ministry of Oil and Gas

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The Oman Ministry of Oil and Gas is located in Muscat, Oman.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement plans and policies to ensure optimum exploitation of oil and gas.
  • Prepare legislation and regulations governing oil and gas.
  • Oversee oil and gas exploration and production activities.
  • Establish "Petroleum Agreements" with oil and gas companies.
  • Assess available petroleum sources, and ensure optimum utilization.
  • Analyze the world market for oil and gas to guide marketing efforts of Oman's crude oil.

Ministry Services

  • Minister's Advisor of Administrative Affairs: coordinates between petroleum companies in the Sultanate and local community companies within the concession areas (contact:
  • Department of Information and Foreign Organizations: responsible for data and statistical information related to the oil and gas sector (contact:
  • Department of Petroleum Concessions: responsible for marketing of open concession areas to international companies (contact:
  • Department of Companies' Tenders Follow Up: responsible for registering local and international oil and gas companies (contact:


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