Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is the administrative department of the Ohio state government charged with maintaining natural resources such as state parks, state nature preserves, state wildlife areas, state forests, and state waterways. ODNR owns and manages more than 590,000 acres of land in 74 state parks, 20 state forests, 127 state nature preserves, and 120 wildlife areas and more than 120,000 acres of inland waters, 7,000 miles of streams, 481 miles of the Ohio River, and 2,250,000 acres of Lake Erie.

ODNR has several divisions including:

  • Wildlife;
  • State parks;
  • Nature preserves;
  • Water;
  • Watercraft;
  • Forestry;
  • Mineral resources;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Geology;
  • Coastal;
  • Engineering; and
  • Real estate.


Division of Administration


Ohio Coastal Management Program Federal Consistency Administrator

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