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Education and Training Database

Welcome to the Offshore Wind Workforce Education and Training Database section. This database of resources and programs available to help learn about the offshore wind workforce. We want to make it easy to quickly find institutions and programs that will help energize students about a offshore wind powered future and related concepts.

Refine your search by clicking on Institution Type, Location, and/or Global Wind Organization (gwo) certification below and selecting from the drop-down menus. You can also search by keyword.

This is an ever-evolving list. If you are aware of a program not listed here, we want to know about it. Please contact the Offshore Wind Workforce team with any additions or other feedback using the button below.


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education & training programs

ALLSTOP! Survival and Safety Training

ALL STOP! Survival & Training is a GWO-certified, leading provider of comprehensive survival and safety training programs for offshore wind energy. There are various programs to equip trainees with necessary skills and knowledge to operate safely.

ARCON Training Center

ARCON Training Center is one of the first facilities in the U.S. to offer GWO training courses, including Basic Safety Training (BST) courses and refresher courses for onshore and offshore wind energy. Additionally, ARCON provides consulting services to help establish centers for GWO certification classes for unions, educational institutions, and private organizations.

Adult and Community Education of Martha's Vineyard (ACE MV)

ACE MV offers a 23 college credit offshore wind power technician certificate program, available online and in person.

Airstreams Renewables, Inc.

Airstreams Renewables is a leading vocational training solutions provider for the global wind industry, including the offshore wind industry. As a GWO-certified provider, the provider offers various courses specifically geared towards offshore wind energy for efficient and safe work.


Alpha is a GWO-certified provider of specialist services to the onshore and offshore wind industry. Through providing a wide range of services, Alpha supports onshore and offshore wind turbine OEMs and operators.

Atlantic Cape Community College

Atlantic Cape Community College is in the process of building a Wind Training Center that will be used to provide GWO safety training to offshore wind technicians and other offshore workers.

Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College's National Offshore Wind Institute offers GWO certified safety training programs for offshore wind as well as an associate degree in offshore wind power technology and an offshore wind power technician certificate.

Business Network for Offshore Wind

The Business Network for Offshore Wind offers a range of education and training programs dedicated to the industry. These programs provide individuals with valuable skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities to thrive in this rapidly growing sector.

Cape Cod Community College

Cape Cod Community College offers a Sustainable Energy Certificate that is designed to provide an introduction to offshore wind and renewable industries with a focus on emerging technologies, career outlook, and educational pathways.

Cape and Islands Self-Reliance

Cape & Islands Self-Reliance is a non-profit organization focused on promoting sustainable energy and self-sufficiency in Cape Cod and the Islands region. The organization is developing technical and health and safety training programs for offshore and land-based wind energy projects.

Capital Region BOCES

Capital Region BOCES is a trusted partner in public education and workforce development in a wide array of different areas. There is a plan to provide technical training related to offshore wind.

Centura College

Centura College offers a Wind Turbine Technician program that provides students with the technical skills to install, maintain, and repair wind turbines.

Clarkson University

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University has integrated offshore wind into their senior design projects and offers an advance certificate in power systems engineering.

Community College of Rhode Island

The Community College of Rhode Island is launching a comprehensive Global Wind Organization (GWO) safety training in 2022.

Cornell University

Cornell University offers offshore wind energy research opportunities in its Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. They have a dedicated wind energy research lab focused on wind energy resources and wakes.

Crescent Safety Services

Crescent Safety Services is a renowned provider of offshore safety training, offering comprehensive courses for the offshore wind industry. The curriculum equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for safety challenges in offshore wind energy projects.


DNV is an independent expert in assurance and risk management with the world's leading classification society. The group provides certification and technical advisory services to the energy value chain.

Delaware Offshore Wind Working Group

The Offshore Wind Working Group is a government organization which studies opportunities for Delaware to participate in developing offshore wind energy.

EDF Renewables North America

EDF Renewables North America is an in dependent power producer which delivers grid-scale power. The company does not directly offer training programs, but they collaborate with industry partners and stakeholders to provide GWO-certified training courses.

ENSA North America

ENSA North America provides work-at-height safety rescue training, support and rigging services to the Wind Power, GWO, Telecom and Industrial markets. Training facilities in multiple states.

Edison Chouest Offshore Training Center

The Edison Chouest Offshore Training Center is a state-of-the-art training center which offers a wide range of classroom instruction and simulated exercises. At the center, there are offshore wind energy-related courses for individuals pursuing a career in the industry.

Farmingdale State University

Farmingdale State University is part of the New York Offshore Wind Training Insitute (OWTI), a partnership with NYSERDA to advance offshore wind training programs and educational infrastructure to meet the workforce needs of the emerging offshore wind industry. Farmingdale State University also offers additional wind programs including a Wind Turbine Technology Certificate and a Microcredential in Wind Energy Technology.

Fire Medical Training Center USA

FMTC Safety is a training center for offshore wind energy, land-based wind energy, and maritime activities offering high quality trainings. As a GWO- and OPITO-certified provider, the center offers a vast range of courses for the offshore wind energy industry.

Global Marine Group US

The Global Marine Group offers a GWO certification program that equips individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications to excel in the industry.

High Plains Technology Center

High Plains Technology Center is a vocational training institution that provides a wide range of educational programs to prepare individuals for industry. The center offers GWO-certified training courses for students to gain hands on, dynamic skills for the offshore wind industry.

High Road Training Partnership

High Road Training Partnerships supports the California Workforce Development Board's initiative in modeling and expanding workforce training partnerships that are worker-centered, industry-led, and aligned with key policy goals. The project conducts analysis and provides technical assistance to sustain and grow the reach of these high-road partnerships.

Hudson Valley Community College

Hudson Valley Community College offers training options for the renewable energy field as well as trades that are part of it. Options include several certificates and associate degrees in fields such as manufacturing, construction, and engineering technologies.

Humboldt State University

Humboldt State University hosts the Schatz Energy Research Center, conducting research on offshore wind energy topics. Among these topics, researchers delve into energy generation and transmission, economic and job development, port and coastal infrastructure, environmental and geological systems, and community needs and goals for shared ocean resources.

Infocus International

Infocus International is a global business provider of strategic information and professional services to build diverse business communities. The center offers a comprehensive online course on the processes, technologies, and financial return and risk considerations for the offshore wind industry.

Kingsborough Community College

Kingsborough Community College is Brooklyn’s only community college and is part of the City University of New York (CUNY). The Maritime Technology program at KCC is on its way to becoming a certified offshore wind basic safety training facility.

M and A Safety Services

M&A Safety Services is a full service safety training provider to train individuals in the energy industry. As an OPITO-certified provider, the center offers trainings which are applicable for the offshore wind energy industry.

Maersk Training

Maersk Training is a training provider for a range of industry services. As an OPITO-certified provider, the center offers courses related to the offshore wind energy industry.

Maine Maritime Academy

Maine Maritime Academy’s (MMA) Center for Professional Mariner Development offers online, hybrid, and in-person courses to meet International Convention of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) and maritime training needs. MMA also has the Harold Alfond School of Engineering that provides training and hands-on learning opportunities that prepare students for a career in maritime or power engineering.

Maryland Energy Administration

The Maryland Energy Administration offers funding opportunities to various entitles, including businesses, non-profits, and academic institutions, aiming to establish an offshore wind energy workforce. Additionally, MEA supports research initiatives focused on offshore wind and understanding the environmental impact of the mid-Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers many areas of study in ocean science and engineering. The Department of Mechanical Engineering includes the Center for Ocean Engineering, the Pratt School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and research laboratories such as the Laboratory for Ship and Platform Flows.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy provides GWO certification, offering individuals comprehensive training and qualifications for the offshore wind energy industry.

Montclair State University

Montclair State University hosts the Clean Energy and Sustainability Analytics Center (CESAC) through the College of Science and Mathematics. The Center is a public research and technical assistance center to identify, quantify and interpret the ramifications of clean energy development and to facilitate energy planning. CESAC provides support for clean energy policies, technology, and practices through research and education programs, hoping to develop an approach for clean energy analysis providing long-term environmental and economic solutions in order to build a sustainable energy economy.

New York Institute of Technology

The Department of Energy Management at the New York Institute of Technology offers an advanced certificate in energy technology as well as an M.S. in Energy Management.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

In 2020, NYSERDA announce the launch of the Offshore Wind Training Institute (OWTI), administered by Stony Brook University and Farmingdale State College. NYSERDA is planning to develop training initiatives focused on advancing skills and preparing workers for jobs related to the assessment and permitting, design, construction, assembly, deployment, and operation and maintenance (O&M) phases associated with offshore wind (OSW) projects.

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University hosts the NC Clean Energy Technology Center which works closely with partners in government, industry, academia, and the non-profit community to assist the "clean tech" sector in North Carolina and serve as one of the premier clean energy centers of knowledge in the United States. The Center offers online and in-person workshops and programs including certificates, courses, and a non-degree diploma focused on renewable energy technologies.

Northeastern University

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering includes the Sustainable Structures Group. The intent of this group is to overcome structural obstacles that are emerging as society evolves towards comprehensive sustainability. The group focuses in particular on onshore and offshore wind energy structures.

Northwest Renewable Energy Institute

Northwest Renewable Energy Institute is an established training institution focused on providing education and training programs for the renewable energy industry, including the offshore wind industry. The institution offers comprehensive training programs for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the offshore wind industry.

Pacific Ocean Energy Trust

Pacific Ocean Energy Trust is a non-profit organization committed to promoting ocean-based climate solutions. The organization is involved in the offshore wind industry, through hosting webinars, conferences, and publishing reports on the energy source.

Pile Drivers and Divers Local 56

The Pile Drivers and Divers Local 56, part of the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, is partnering with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy to offer the full suite of GWO training to its members.

Princeton University

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University offers research opportunities in Propulsion and Energy Sciences, working in collaboration with the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment. Faculty are engaged in a variety of areas including alternative energy conversion, energy storage, and propulsion technologies.

RNWBL Training

RNWBL Training provides hands-on safety and technical training to operating companies to ensure safety practices and solid quality workmanship. There are various GWO-certified training courses available through the company.

RWE Clean Energy

RWE Clean Energy is a prominent energy company that focuses on developing and operating renewable energy projects, including offshore wind projects. The company does not directly offer training programs, but it is partners with industry and stakeholders to offer GWO-certified programs.

RelyOn Nutec US

RelyOn Nutec is a global business leader in delivering safety and competence services for the past 50 years. As a GWO-certified provider, the company offers a variety of courses for individuals to ensure safety and effectiveness in the offshore wind industry.

Robert Training and Conference Center (RTCC)

The RTCC is a training provider for basic and advanced skills to those in the energy industry. As an OPITO-certified provider the center offers trainings which are applicable for the offshore wind energy industry.

Rowan College of South Jersey

Rowan College of South Jersey is establishing a wind energy program that will provide opportunities for participants to earn a Wind Turbine Technician Career & Technical Education certificate (including the full suite of GWO), a Wind Turbine Technician Academic Certificate, and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Wind Power and Turbine Technology. These new programs are anticipated to launch in 2023. The College currently offers 2 year transfer degree programs in other wind energy related fields including Engineering Science, Environmental Science, and Marine Biology.

Rowan University

Rowan University is actively working to align their curriculum with wind energy technology and offers opportunities for offshore wind studies through multiple disciples including Engineering, Science, Business, and Environmental Science.

Rutgers University

The Rutgers Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RCOOL) offers degree programs in marine science and oceanography and offers research opportunities that includes an offshore wind team that develops and advances the science that informs decision-making around offshore wind, both at a state and national level. This is done through research using both observations and models, and extensive engagement with stakeholders on the issues important to this new industry.

SUNY Maritime College

SUNY Maritime hosts the Center for Offshore Energy, established as a Center of Excellence for Offshore Energy to focus on building a clean energy workforce and encouraging research in this growing area. The Center delivers classroom and online training programs for wind operations, dynamic positioning and offshore vessel operations. It also serves as a research resource for offshore renewable energy

Safety One Training International

Safety One Training is a center focused on helping equip the professionals who work in hazardous environments to stay safe and productive. There is a range of courses for comprehensive, GWO-certified training for offshore wind energy.

Safety Technology USA

Safety Technology USA is a leading wind technician training and education organization covering training in GWO Accredited courses. The goal of the organization is to help build the wind workforce of the future with safer, better, more competent technicians.

Seafarers International Union

The Seafarers International Union represents United States merchant mariners sailing abroad U.S.-flag vessels in the deep sea, Great Lakes, and inland trades. The union hosts a registered apprenticeship program prepares students for successful careers as U.S. Merchant Mariners.

Stockton University

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Stockton University offers degree programs in wind energy related fields such as Environmental Science, Marine Science, and Sustainability as well as an Energy Certificate. Stockton University operates the Marine Field Station that is used for teaching and research.

Stony Brook University

As part of the New York Offshore Wind Training Institute (OWTI), Stony Brook University offers a Fundamentals of Offshore Wind certificate program. The program is designed to provide an introduction to offshore wind for individuals with a bachelor's degree (or equivalent), or an associate degree with 2+ years of experience working in a related field (e.g., engineering, marine science, atmospheric science, policy, utilities, data/analytics, finance, business, or other).

Suffolk County Community College

Suffolk County Community College has been selected as the location for the anticipated National Offshore Wind Training Center in New York. The NOWTC will train and certify workers through the nation's first Global Wind Organization (GWO) Training Center for offshore wind.

Survival Systems USA, Inc.

Survival Systems USA, Inc. has partnered with ENSA North America, Inc. to offer a comprehensive GWO training program. This program aims to deliver cost-effective and high-quality training, ensuring certification for participants in the offshore wind energy industry.

System One Holdings, LLC

System One's Renewable Energy Training Center addresses the critical need for high-quality, accessible training to support the offshore wind industry. The RETC offers GWO-certified curriculum to train technicians for the industry.

TMI Waterfront Services

TMS Waterfront Services is a franchie location of Energy Innovation Global. It is a joint venture comprised of TMS Waterfront, Menotti Enterprise, and Indigo River, which opened a GWO training facility in 2023.


TONEX offser a 2-day offshore wind farm training program that helps participants to understand the technological developments of offshore wind farms, different types of wind turbines implemented for offshore projects, control of offshore wind farms, protection and reliability assessment of offshore wind technologies. The course is designed for those who need to understand offshore wind farms from generation to consumption in their current roles or would like to enhance their knowledge for new applications.

Takkion Management, LLC

TAKKION is a provider of logistics, field support, and technical repair services to the renewable energy industry, including offshore wind energy. As a GWO-certified provider, the company offers a wide range of courses for offshore wind industry professionals.

Tech Safety Lines

TSL is a GWO recognized provider of safety and training solutions. The group offers specialized training programs for offshore wind energy to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure safe operations and emergency responses.

Tufts University

Tufts University offers graduate-level programs in offshore wind energy engineering. The Ph.D. program provides interdisciplinary training in offshore wind engineering, transmission infrastructure, maritime studies, ocean resource characterization, and environmental permitting. The M.S. program offers training in offshore wind engineering, policy, and project management.

UL Solutions

UL Solutions is a global leader in applied safety science through delivering testing, inspection, and certification services. The provider offers certifications and test reports for offshore wind energy and the applicable technology.

United Steelworkers

The United Steelworkers represents members in various industries, including the offshore wind energy sector. The union partnered with U.S. Wind to transform Sparrows Point into a manufacturing facility to support offshore wind workforce development.

University of Connecticut

The Department of Marine Sciences offers multiple undergraduate and degree programs in Marine Sciences and related disciplines, as well opportunities to participate in research through the development of the Connecticut Initiative on Environmental Research of Offshore Wind (CIEROW). CIEROW will work to train the next generation of scientists who will ensure sustainable development and operation of offshore wind power. The Initiative will also engage in public education that focuses on ocean literacy, wind energy, and the environmental research that is being undertaken by CIEROW.

University of Delaware

The University of Delaware offers a graduate certificate in wind power science engineering and policy through the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment's Center for Research in Wind (CReW). The College also offers an Offshore Wind Skills Academy targeted for professionals from traditional energy industries, supply chain companies, regulators, investors, consultants and any others wanting an in-depth knowledge of this industry.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Marine Survival Training Center

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Marine Survival Training Center trains personnel from the petroleum, aviation, and maritime industries in emergency procedures and use of lifesaving equipment. As an OPITO-certified provider the center offers trainings which are applicable for the offshore wind energy industry.

University of Maine

The University of Maine's Department of Mechanical Engineering offers multiple degree programs in disciplines related to offshore wind energy including the option for students to pursue a concentration in offshore wind energy. There are also opportunities to participate in offshore wind research through the Advanced Structures & Composites Center.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst offers an online 9-credit professional certificate in offshore wind. The certificate program is designed for professionals and graduate students seeking to up-skill and broaden their knowledge to address the needs of the offshore wind industry. The certificate covers the broad range of disciplines involved in this industry, including technology and engineering, development and finance, supply chain management, marketing, environmental impact, business logistics, law, and policy.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's School for Marine Science & Technology (SMAST) offers graduate degree options with courses that emphasize ocean technology, climate change, offshore wind development, and fisheries management and sustainability.

University of Massachusetts Lowell

The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a renewable energy engineering degree program that encompasses several energy technologies including wind turbines. UMass Lowell also offers a graduate certificate in wind energy engineering, open to applicants with a BS in Mechanical Engineering or a related field, such as Materials Science or Physics, who have an interest in modern wind turbines, including their aerodynamics, what materials go into their construction, and how they are integrated into our electrical system.

University of New Hampshire

The School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering is the University of New Hampshire’s first interdisciplinary school, designed to address today’s highly complex ocean and coastal challenges through integrated graduate education, research and engagement. As such, it serves as an interdisciplinary nexus for marine science and ocean engineering teaching and research across the University. The School includes many faculty and staff across the University with offshore wind expertise as well as many centers, laboratories and institutes that students can engage with.

University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans instated the PACE Offshore Wind Program, as one of the first in the country to offer training for the future-of-energy workforce. The courses are designed to provide necessary skills training and depth for offshore wind-career readiness.

University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island (URI) offers academic and certificate programs that train studetns about offshore renewable energy and ocean spatial planning. Students gain skills in engineering, research, planning and policy, trades, and business management to prepare for careers in clean energy. URI also hosts the Coastal Resources Center in the Graduate School of Oceanography that focuses on community, practitioner, and workforce education and training.

Vestas AME Technical and Safety Training

Vestas is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, installing, developing, and servicing land-based and offshore wind energy. As a GWO-certified provider, the company offers education and training programs for individuals in the offshore wind sector.

Wind Trade Academy

The Wind Trade Academy is a distinguished institution with over 30 years of experience in the wind energy industry. The training center offers a comprehensive selection of courses, including GWO-certified courses for professionals in the offshore wind industry.

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