New Applications Of Geothermal Gas Analysis To Exploration

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Conference Paper: New Applications Of Geothermal Gas Analysis To Exploration

Gas analysis is applied to exploration at the Lightn~gD ock geothe~aflie ld, which has no surface manifestations, to exploration by drilling, and to monitoring Cerro Prieto - a producing field. It is assumed that reservoir fluids have a different gas chemistry than local groundwater, and that gas chemistry can be interpreted as a three source system, magmatic, crustal, and meteoric, modified by processes of boiling, mixing, and condensation. We show that gas analyses can delineate the location of major structures that serve as fluid conduits, map fluid flow in geothermal systems, and using drill chips, identify depths of reservoir fluid and impermeable zones (seals).

David Norman, Nigel Blarney and Lynne Kurilovitch

GRC, 2002

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David Norman,Nigel Blarney,Lynne Kurilovitch. 2002. New Applications Of Geothermal Gas Analysis To Exploration. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)

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