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Net Zero Energy -- It's not a Debate Anymore

We have all the technologies needed to convert 100% of our buildings and most vehicles to Net Zero Energy NOW, eliminating fossil fuel use. We can have all the Green Bond funding needed to convert our buildings and vehicles to Net Zero NOW. And, the Net Zero Technologies (PV/GHP/EE, etc) are all now proven to be cost effective.

Why are we not doing this full-out as a national strategic priority? We literally can eliminate most fossil fuel use from our entire economy right now, except for certain parts of industry, some culinary use, and some transportation.

The Net Zero Technologies are so efficient that we can make money 3 ways while we implement this transformation -- everyone will make money by lowering their utility/fuel expense at no net cost, contractors/communities make money as the Renewable Energy upgrades are installed, and investors make money from the Green Bonds that pay for it all -- It's a Win-Win-Win!

Net Zero Foundation was created to educate and spread the Net Zero knowledge and vision. We will help everyone understand the Renewable Energy Technologies and how they work together to eliminate fossil fuels. We will show how these Renewable Energy Technologies are already being used to achieve Net Zero in some buildings and vehicles. We will also show how Green Bond financing is already being used to make Net Zero Possible.

Want to get involved? Join the Net Zero Movement by helping spread this information and even giving Net Zero presentations in your own city. We can provide you with all the materials you need -- see the Net Zero Movement Page. And get involved with our Projects, including our district/campus Net Zero conversion projects and PACE startup projects.

If you have any feedback or want to get involved, see our Friends page. Join the Net Zero effort and together Let's Change the World!

Please visit Net Zero Foundation's website.


Rick Clemenzi, PE