NYSERDA-Wind Energy Toolkit

From Open Energy Information

"The Wind Energy Toolkit was developed for the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) by AWS Truewind, LLC, to provide information on the various aspects of wind energy development. The document’s intended audience includes communities in New York State preparing for wind energy development, both by a developer and a community sponsored project. New York State has an abundance of land suitable for wind development and a mandate to increase use of renewable energy. Depending on the wind resource throughout the State, wind energy projects may be planned near the landowner’s community. The decision on whether or not to have a wind farm sited in a community resides within the locality, as New York is a home rule state. Therefore, it is important that local officials become familiar with all aspects of wind development. In addition to serving communities that may be affected by a utility scale wind farm, the toolkit provides information to communities that are interested in installing one or multiple turbines. Community wind projects are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country and New York’s available wind resource can make community wind projects attractive. The toolkit provides links to relevant information to help communities plan and initiate a community wind project to better serve localities within the State. The information in this toolkit is intended to provide information necessary for everyone concerned with wind development in a community – from the farmer or landowner who want to lease their land – to the town officials charged with zoning, planning and permitting – to interested members of the public – to towns/groups that are interesting in beginning a community wind project. This toolkit is not a policy or regulatory manual, nor is it a collection of guidelines - it is information about the process for siting wind energy facilities in localities in New York State, and all the considerations that go into the decision-making effort. Please read, download, and distribute these materials as"


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