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NEPA Document Collection for: NV-020-08-CX-65
CX at Desert Peak Geothermal Area for Geothermal/Exploration,

CX for Vibroseis Seismic Survey at Desert Peak Geothermal Site

Proposed Action

Ormat Nevada has requested approval to perform a passive seismic survey at Desert Peak. This is an active geothermal power producing site with a power plant, producing steam wells, and an integrated complex of roads, pipelines and re-injection wells. The proposed survey would involve a truck-mounted vibrator, and radio controlled geophones arranged in two linear arrays totaling approximately 5 line miles (see map). The route follows existing roads with the exception of the cross country link between well ST-9 and ST-2. Kautz Environmental performed a block cultural survey in early 2008 that covered this off-road section. Access to this segment would be by an existing access road. The seismic truck is mounted on large balloon tires and travels along the surface, off-road. A majority of the survey is on private lands. The geophones would be pushed into the ground a few inches and would not require any noticeable surface disturbance. It is proposed that the survey would take approximately one week to do the field work.


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