NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation

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The National Research Council Canada Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation (NRC-IFCI) is powering the future through partnerships that support Canada's growing fuel cell and hydrogen industry through innovation and cluster-building. Working with Canadian universities, government agencies and companies, the institute researches, develops and tests new hydrogen and fuel cell systems.

Additionally, the Advanced Testing and Validation Centre (ATVC) at NRC-IFCI provides a specialized and safe environment for objective, reliable and accurate standardized performance characterization and long-term testing applications of hydrogen, fuel cell and other clean energy technologies.

The ATVC provides clients with independent assessment and validation of their technology, minimizing costs, reducing field trial requirements, and bringing their innovative products one step closer to market.

The centre provides a range of fee-for-service test equipment, and highly skilled professionals are available on site to assist you with your testing needs. Fee-for-service rates will be determined individually based on your specific equipment or testing requirements.


  1.  "About NRC-IFCI"