Micro-Earthquake At Coso Geothermal Area (1992-1997)

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Exploration Activity: Micro-Earthquake At Coso Geothermal Area (1992-1997)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Coso Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Micro-Earthquake
Activity Date 1992 - 1997
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
Characterize subsurface fracture patterns in the Coso geothermal reservoir by analyzing shear-wave splitting of microearthquake seismorgrams
A large number of microearthquake seismograms have been recorded by a downhole, three-component seismic network. Shear-wave splitting induced by the alignment of cracks in the reservoir has been widely observed in the recordings. Over 100 events with body wave magnitude greater than 1.0 from microearthquakes recorded since March, 1992 were processed. From the delay time of split shear waves, it was estimated that the crack density in the most active geothermal reservoir area (above 3 km depth) ranges between 0.030 and 0.055.

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