Initiatives Related to Climate Change in Ghana

From Open Energy Information

"The mapping exercise focuses on the two thematic areas: Adaptation and Low Carbon Growth respectively. Climate change initiatives were collected by extensive literature research, by requesting information from a wide range of stakeholders and by conducting stakeholder interviews. In addition, information on climate finance initiatives and funding opportunities, was collected based on publicly available information sources and on interviews with representatives of the most important donor countries and multilateral agencies present in Ghana. Tables A.1 and A.2 in the appendix show all the initiatives covered in this report.

Although the report provides a fairly comprehensive list of initiatives, it is not exhaustive. Especially small initiatives at the community level - most of them executed by national or international NGOs - fell outside of the scope of the mapping. The aim is rather to present the most important initiatives in Ghana in terms of funding or involvement of government decision makers."


  1.  "Initiatives Related to Climate Change in Ghana"